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Today's business requires exceptional management from individuals who possess a unique blend of leadership, vision, broad-based experience and the ability to deliver superior results.  Salutary Consultants provides that.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Salutary Consultants, I take great pride in our accomplishments.  As a retired NYPD Detective, I offer expertise in investigations, safeguarding procedures, security administration and maintaining a safe environment.  Over the past ten years as a consulting director in New York City health and hospitals, I gained mastery in hospital security procedures and regulatory protocols and compliance.

Salutary Consultants consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced security personnel, healthcare administrators and fire-safety professionals committed to quality and excellence. Our team offers vast knowledge in security, safety, in addition to local, state and federal regulatory compliance. Salutary Consultants utilizes its leadership, planning and managerial skills to consistently increase revenues, reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction.  Our success is due in part to our ability to listen to our clients, assess their needs and implement recommendations for viable and sustainable outcomes.  This commitment to our clients drives us to harness the potential of all level of employees and motivate them to achieve superior results.


Henry Negron
Chief Executive Officer
Salutary Consultants 

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